Thank You, Oma!

Four days old. Had to say goodbye to her Oma this morning.

A big thank you to Luna’s grandma, Oma, who came to take care of momma postpartum like she did for Luna’s older sisters. Oma usually stays longer, but she has another person to take care of — her own momma, Luna’s great-grandma, who is recovering from two back-to-back surgeries she had to endure last week.

Oma left us with several pots of postpartum soups, part of an enduring tradition for moms around the globe to help new moms recover from birth and support their breastfeeding needs.

Nursing is going smoothly with Luna, who is eating like a champ and sleeping up to four hours straight, but mostly for two or three hours at a time. Momma’s milk came in on Sunday, which means she has to put cabbage them to help with engorgement, which can be painful.

Big squad before Oma had to go to the airport this morning. Bye Oma! We’ll miss you.

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