Happy Two You

Luna turned TWO on Sunday, and celebrated with her favorite activity — playing in the sand. We hosted a birthday brunch at Mother’s Beach in Marina del Rey with so many kid and grownup friends and delicious cake from Angel Maid Bakery, which is across the street from our house. Luna knew it was her birthday and on the way to the party she kept saying, “Baby happy to you, baby happy to you!” (She calls herself “Baby”).

She’s such an observant, hyper-smart, self-reliant little girl who I wouldn’t consider a baby at all, actually. She has managed to be wise beyond her two years, picking up lots of language, speaking sentences and phrases much earlier than I remember her sisters doing, instantly figuring out how to solve problems for herself — like when she can’t reach something she’ll go to another room and just pick up a stool and bring it over to wherever she needs — and figuring out potty training after two days of boot camp.

She is extremely clear about her likes and dislikes. Lately she’s really into the Music Together song, “Jumpin’ Josie,” she has a specificity to her bedtime routine that cannot be altered without her crying and repeating the step that was missed so we know what’s up, and waits for her dad to come home eagerly each night so she can watch “princess playdoh” or her favorite Chinese song, the one about the rabbit and the wolf. Her Chinese speaking is excellent, btw. It’s a tonal language and she really nails those tones.

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