Hello, World

Miss Luna Lee, born 4:20am on April 7 in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea.

She’s heeeeeeeeere. Momma started having contractions just as she was going to bed around 11pm on Thursday night. Because this is the third baby in our family, the midwives at our birthing clinic said to come in right away in case things went quickly. Mom was only 4cm dilated when we arrived (you have to go up to 10cm before pushing), so we thought we were in for the long haul.

But after progressing for about three hours, the midwife, Selina, suggested we get into the birthing tub. So mom labored in the tub for an hour, and then came out and was suddenly ready to push. Dr. Chung made it to the birthing center from his house JUST in time — Luna was crowning as the doctor made his appearance. (But later he said that he thinks women can just do this at home, they don’t need him!)

Luna’s stats: 8lbs, 6oz. 21 inches, head circumference 36 cm.

Here are Luna’s first moments out of the womb…

At our birthing center it’s all about delivering like other mammals do, so once Luna came out she got wiped off with a towel and came straight to momma’s chest, where she stayed for about an hour before getting weighed.

The team! Midwife Selina, Daddy, Luna (not happy about getting photographed right now), Mom and Dr. Chung, Momma’s OBGYN.

Healthy and thriving!

4 thoughts on “Hello, World

  1. I’m so glad I found this! My due date is April 14 and I’m giving birth at Meadowflower too. So glad you have these postings ….


    1. I’m glad this was helpful! We’re big fans and friends of Dr. Chung. Both deliveries I’ve experienced there went really smoothly and in a lot of ways more comfortable than my natural birth in the U.S.


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